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Finland’s Ad Market Finally Sees Growth

The results are in. The statistics from earlier this year prove that programmatic advertising is going upward in Finland. Since December 2015, the Association of Finnish Advertisers was able to conclude that 75% of advertisers had begun engaging in programmatic buying of ads, after keeping a close watch on ad sales trend.

Great news for the Finnish publishers

Many companies have coalesced to form an alliance to form a bigger control on all the programmatic transactions. Alma Media Corporation, Otavamedia, Improve media Oy and others have come together to launch their own Finnish Automated Guaranteed marketplace.

Finland’s Ad Market Finally Sees Growth

This enables the purchase of inventory without any middlemen’s hassle. Buyers can directly check for the availability of the product and choose their targeting, post the negotiations. The digital market is already overwhelmed with various tools confusing the buyer. This process helps decision-making easy for the buyers.

Alliance was formed with a common goal in mind. Streamlining the tools would lead to the benefit of the buyer. Also, social media advertising and mobile advertising are picking up immensely. There is also a return on the growth and the economy is slowly, but surely climbing up after the pandemic.

The society as a whole in Finland is consumer-driven. The brand image is one of the main deciding factors for purchase. Retaining the customers, while keeping up with the trends is a real challenge. The digital marketing scenes are helping the country take over the new methods of marketing.

All of this is helping the buyers to keep a track of their investment. It helps drive results and changes the plan as required. More and more people are investing in digital marketing. The metrics are enabling better analysis of the campaigns and monitor the results of the business. Investors in Finland are saving money and spreading their budgets.

In conclusion

It is a positive direction that the Finnish advertising market is going in. The citizens are already experiencing great returns on their investment and enabling many industries to reach new heights. With this new alliance in place, more and more buyers will be directed to. With great strategies in place, the businesses in Finland are set to keep growing in the next quarter, all while empowering the citizen. The digital marketing scenario and the ad sales are good winds of change. Only time will tell to what extent the growth would continue and what new changes it would bring to the economy.

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